You Can Land Your Dream Job in Project Management Through Internship


Gone are the days when internship was for university or college students. Now, internships are gaining traction globally among new and recent graduates because it offers them the opportunity to not only think about their careers in project management but also gain some working experience needed to make the right career choices.

At CareerinPM, we are quite aware that one of the major challenges among young and aspiring project managers in Africa is that most are somehow confused or not so clear about their careers in project management. We are also researching on ways to help the young and aspiring project managers in Africa plan, kick-start or advance their careers in project management.

You see, if you are a young or aspiring project manager, there’s nothing wrong in having some confusion about your careers in project management. Most of the professional project managers you see today also had some form of confusion during the early stages of their careers. I experienced it myself, too.

One of the great values of internships is that it would offer an opportunity to test roles while you are still thinking of the field, industry or sector that would be best for your career in project management. It would also offer you the opportunity to learn and develop some critical skills that would be valuable to your career. And that’s why at CareerinPM, we advertise internship opportunities on the platform.

There are also complaints from employers and recruiters that most of the project management graduates or young project managers in the country are not well equipped for the labour market. Now, instead of these graduates to stay idle or remain at home, internships would help fill the gap so they can become employable.

If you are a job candidate with little or no experience and you’re seeking for a project management-related job or a project management-oriented role and you are also not sure of the industry or sector you should focus on, do an internship in one of the industries or sectors you have in mind. Organisations are now looking for raw project management talents like you that they could train. Get to see how it feels like working in that industry or sector and the skills that are needed to kick-start or advance your career in that particular industry or sector, respectively. Get to connect and network with people in that industry or sector, ask them relevant questions about the industry and your career, and if the industry or sector is right for your career in project management, work towards moving from an intern to a job candidate.

We would also encourage you to create a free candidate account on our platform and stay up-to-date on the latest jobs and internships that would be advertised on the platform.

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