Which is the Bigger Problem: Scarcity of Project Management Talents or Top Employers?

Employers Need to Find a Way of Attracting Top Project Management Talents to Their Organisations


In Nigeria, there are universities and colleges that produce graduates with project management knowledge on a yearly basis, both at the first and second degree levels. There are also a good number of people with various project management certifications, experience and skills who are either unemployed or looking forward to changing jobs. So, which is the bigger problem?

Furthermore, a lot of employers are complaining of lack of project management talents in Nigeria. I mean, in a country where there’s a high rate of unemployed people, of which some of them definitely have project management skills and experience. So I ask again, which is the bigger problem − is it scarcity of project management talents or scarcity of top employers seeking for candidates with project management skills?

Permit me to share two critical things with you that I have observed in our labour market:

Case One

There are a lot of young project managers in Nigeria who have not gathered enough project management experience. There are also a lot of companies in Nigeria that don’t want to employ young project managers because of their lack experience. These companies are not interested in investing in young project managers, maybe due to the harsh economic conditions, and are mostly interested in hiring ‘ready-made’ project managers thereby freezing out the young project managers from the workplace.

TIP: If our young project managers are not employed or offered a chance to work in a project environment, how would they develop the needed project management skills and experience that most companies would be seeking for tomorrow? Who would the senior project managers pass down their wealth of project management knowledge and experiences to if companies fail to include young project managers in their project team? And if these young project managers are not employed, it means they would have no job and it means companies would continue to find it hard to find top project management talents in the country.

Case Two

Most candidates or job seekers who are seeking for project management-related jobs or project management-orientated roles do not know how to properly package their qualifications and skills. Most of them ignore their skills and focus so much on their knowledge just because they have a certificate in project management. So, even when they are so qualified for a job and come in contact with a potential employer, their lack of packaging, selling and communication skills make them look so unqualified or not-so-qualified for the job.

TIP: If you’re can’t sell yourself and your skills, it would be hard for any employer to ‘buy’ you or know what you’re selling. You really need to learn how to sell yourself and your skills set online.

Innovative Idea

There are definitely lots of project management talents and top employers in Nigeria but one of the major challenges for most employers or recruiters is finding those top talents in the country. And while there are general job boards that connect candidates who are seeking for project management-related jobs with employers, browsing or navigating through those mega job boards to source for qualified candidates has never been easy for most employers and recruiters due to their large volume of audience. The quick and easy solution is to look for qualified candidates in a niche job board – a project management job board. By searching for candidates on a niche job board, you would be able to identify more qualified candidates within a very short period of time. And when you advertise your jobs on a niche job board, you would be exposing your jobs to a target audience.

 The chances of your jobs getting noticed and attracting highly qualified candidates within a very short period of time are higher on a niche job board than on a general job board. A niche job board also saves you the time, money and stress of sifting through loads of unqualified CVs

What about job seekers on niche job boards, would they get noticed at all? There’s nothing interesting for a job seeker than showcasing his skills and digital CV on a niche job board that’s targeting his industry, sector or area of specialisation. Those niche boards tend to attract the right employers who are searching for highly qualified candidates.

One great example of a niche job board is CareerinPM’s project management recruitment platform. The recruitment platform connects employers and recruiters with the best project management talents in Nigeria. It’s a platform where candidates who are seeking for project management-related jobs or project management-oriented roles can showcase their resume and skills, and attract the right employers within a very shore period of time.

There are various categories of project management-related jobs on the platform, and from entry to senior level positions. Employers would not sift through thousands of unqualified applications as they normally do on most general job boards. They would be presented with a lesser number but highly qualified number of candidates. Less is more! Each job ad is attached with a number of services that include social media promotion and email marketing campaigns.

If you are seeking for a project management-related job, click here to create a free candidate account, upload your current CV, write your cover letter, update your digital resume, and use the platform to search for your dream job. You would be notified of new job ads and you would also find insightful and interesting resources on the platform.

If you are an employer or recruiter and you want to attract the best project management talents to your organisation, click here to create an employer account, upload your company logo, tell your company story, purchase a job package and post your job ads. You can also contact candidates directly from the platform, save profiles of potential candidates and attract qualified candidates to your organisation.

CareerinPM is on a mission to disrupt the recruitment industry in Africa. We want to make it easy and convenient for organisations to spot and recruit top project management talents in the continent. If you are passionate about project management and you would like to join us on our mission, don’t hesitate to contact us. We might have a role for you.

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