Are You a Project Management Student? Learn, Develop and Promote Your Skills Set


A lot of project management students in the university keep asking me how they can become “certified” before graduating. By being “certified,” they are asking me how they can obtain a recognised certification in project management before graduating.

This might sound harsh but a lot of hiring managers are complaining of a high rate of unemployable graduates in the labour market and the chief cause of this is the lack of appropriate skills set. If you’re a project management student at any of our universities or colleges, please focus more on building your project management knowledge and developing some appropriate skills set.

There’s nothing wrong in having an extra certificate when graduating, be it a diploma or certification, but there’s something wrong when you spend 5 years in the university and graduate with no special and sell-able skills set. Blaming our universities won’t help you even though most our curriculum are outdated – focus more on your personal development.

There are a lot of skills you can learn and develop online without spending much and without missing classes such as blogging, digital marketing, report writing, coding, and web designing. There are also traditional skills you can learn and develop. With a degree certificate in PMT (Project Management Technology) and a special and sell-able skill set, you would be more employable than those who are only promoting their paper certificates in the labour market.


Originally published at LinkedIn.

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