Organisations Need To Attract And Develop More Entrepreneurial Project Managers

Entrepreneurial Project Managers are Project Managers with an Entrepreneurial Mindset


The number of persons interested in getting a project management-related job is more than the jobs available, globally. And one of the ways to create more jobs or money-making opportunities in the world of project management is to attract and develop entrepreneurial project managers.

I remembered when I was in the university, most of my course mates, including myself, were very much interested in pursuing one project management certification or the other immediately after graduating. We thought that what we needed to land a dream job immediately after graduating was to get that one popular project management certification that would boost our degree certificate. Some were interested in the PMP, some in PRINCE2, some in ITIL and some in other certifications. And they are all great certifications.

Most of us pursued one certification or the other immediately after graduating and later found that in a country like Nigeria with a high-rate of unemployment, you need more than just a certificate or certification. You need some form of connection to land the high-paying jobs although not necessarily always. That doesn’t means the certificates don’t have value. The knowledge you would gain in pursuing them are very valuable.

At the early part of this year, I decided to seek for a job. I was focusing more on digital media marketing jobs in the startup ecosystem. I have always had this entrepreneurial mind-set but needed to gain some experience in the ecosystem first before thinking of launching my own startup. So, I created my job search strategy, was fine-tuning, implementing it and was getting invited for some job interviews.

However, what I found interesting was that most of startup founders who interviewed me were very young entrepreneurs. It was kind of interesting and exciting to see young people in Nigeria with great entrepreneurial mind-set. They are doing their possible best to help create more jobs and money-making opportunities in the country.

Now, let’s get back to the world of project management…

How do we attract and develop entrepreneurial project managers or project managers with entrepreneurship mind-set and skills? In the world of entrepreneurship, there’s something that’s much more important than certificates − ENTREPRENEURIAL MINDSET.

Entrepreneurial project managers possess some form of business creative skills. They might not own a company, but in whatever company they work for, they tend to use their entrepreneurial skills to create more projects that would deliver business outcomes.

Most of the big organisations struggle to develop entrepreneurial project managers or to build an entrepreneurial project management environment. Any organisation that’s totally lacking entrepreneurial project managers would find it hard to train or develop the entrepreneurial mind-set of their younger project managers.

Organisations that are also lacking entrepreneurial project managers need to redesign their hiring approach and job descriptions and develop a hiring model that would attract and test for entrepreneurial potential or skills, not just certifications and process knowledge.

How do you think organisations can attract and develop more entrepreneurial project managers? Share your thoughts.

Originally published at LinkedIn.

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