How We Intend To Help Raise the Next Generation of Project Leaders in Africa


Jerry Ihejirika is the one on glasses

There would be a high demand for young project managers over the coming years in Nigeria and around the world. This is due to the fact that there would be a gradual shift in the project management workforce, globally.

Baby boomers are retiring at record levels and the young generation is moving into leadership positions more quickly than ever. New generations in the workforce have very different demands. The mean age of the workforce has been getting younger. Millennials will be the largest percentage of the workforce. The evolving profile of the project management base will be the driving force behind the future of the profession. – PMI’S PULSE OF THE PROFESSION® 2017

At CareerinPM, we are dedicated, determined and passionate about helping our young and aspiring project managers become project leaders of tomorrow. We know there are some students in our colleges and universities and recent graduates who want to become project leaders in various industries and sectors in the future. We also do know that it takes a lot of knowledge, skills and experience in project management to truly become a project leader and that’s why we want to support them at the early stages of their careers to ensure they have the right resources they need to turn their dreams into realities.


CareerinPM is a niche job board and career development platform for young, aspiring and professional project managers in Nigeria. If are a young or aspiring project manager in the country, one of the ways in which we want to help you become a project leader is to connect you with some of our partnered companies and startups so you can work as interns or young project managers; develop your project management, communication and leadership skills set; benefit from continuous coaching and mentoring from senior colleagues; and gain industry experience.

Our goal is to enable them begin an early practise of project management and to also get connected with mentors and industry experts who would be willing to guide them along their individual career paths in the world of project management.

We encourage anyone who’s interested in becoming a project leader to create a free candidate account on our platform, complete their personal profiles, build their digital resumes using our powerful resume builder, upload their current CVs ( we offer FREE and confidential CV review if you request for it), and write their cover letters. This would enable us to match them with the right companies and startups.


If you are an employer or recruiter who’s searching for the young, aspiring or professional project managers in the country, instead of moving from one academic institution to another or from one job board to another, all you need is to partner with us. Create a free employer account on our platform, brand your company page, and search our talent database for the most experienced or raw project managements in Nigeria. You can also get in touch with us and feed us with your hiring needs and we will direct the most qualified candidates to your organisation.

Some of our young and aspiring project managers are ready to join your project team and help you achieve success in your projects. Some already have degrees and certifications in project management coupled with few years of experience. And with their formal knowledge in project management and willingness to learn, they will immediately align to your approach to deliver successful projects. Besides, the best project teams are the ones that comprise of young and senior project managers. Effective reporting would also allow you to keep track of their performances and that would help confirm if the young project managers you have hired are right for your company or startup.

Let’s join hands together and help raise the next generation of project leaders in Africa.

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