How to Solve One of the Biggest Challenges Recruiters and Employers Face in Nigeria


One of the biggest challenges that recruiters and employers in Nigeria and around the world face is sifting through a whole lot of unqualified applications or CVs for every job they advertise. Most of the applicants either do not possess the needed skills or experience, and the challenge is often bigger when those jobs are advertised on general job boards.

The Big Headache

The general job boards were the pioneers of the job board industry. They became the game changers in the recruitment industry, educating the public about the concept of a job board.

However, the recruitment industry is now being disrupted. These general job boards, although popular and huge, are becoming a big stress for most employers and recruiters. For each job ad, recruiters and employers would have to sift through a huge list of unqualified applications. And such a task is time-consuming, not-so-cost effective and highly stressful.

It does not even benefit most of the qualified candidates as their applications could get lost in a huge pool of unqualified applications.

The Best Solution – Go Niche

Niche job boards are coming up gradually in Nigeria and are disrupting the recruitment industry. They are playing an increasingly important role in the recruiting space and are more beneficial for both employers and job candidates because of their niche focus. 

Niche job boards are different from general job boards in the sense that they are tailored to a particular industry or profession. They tend to attract more qualified and skilled candidates than general job boards due to their targeted advertising. 

“The big general job boards, Monster, Hotjobs and Career Builder were very important early on because they educated the public about the concept of a job board. What the big job boards did was it sold the American public the idea that a job board is a viable way to find a job. Now, the market has moved from general to segmented and you have the opportunity to only deliver your message to the specific group of people you are interested in through a targeted job board. And it allows you to pay for the candidates you are getting, while with a general job board, you’re paying for the entire audience, 95% of who aren’t qualified.” – Bruce Dorskind, President of the Dorskind Group

Niche job boards tend to have smaller applicant pool or database when compared to general job boards. It is more likely that employers will receive a smaller list of applications. However, they offer lower cost-to-hire, higher return on investment and more qualified applications than most general job boards. This help reduces the stress than most employers and recruiters undergo in sifting through loads of unqualified applications.

Niche job boards are also beneficial to job candidates due to the fact that their applications won’t get lost or hidden in a pool of unqualified applications. That is, their chances of being seen or noticed are higher on niche job boards.

CareerinPM is one of the new niche job boards that are set to disrupt and improve the recruitment industry in Nigeria and help solve some of the big challenges that hiring managers are facing. The platform is currently is beta and is set to connect employers and recruiters with the best project management talents in Nigeria.

If you are looking for a project management-related job or a project management-oriented role in Nigeria, the CareerinPM platform is the best place to be. We also offer free CV review, career advice, CV writing service, and career mentoring for job candidates who want to pursue a career in project management in Nigeria. There are several benefits for registered job candidates on our platform.

Finally, if you are an employer or recruiter who’s searching for qualified candidates with project management knowledge and skills in Nigeria or you want to attract the best project management talents to your organisation, then you need to advertise your jobs for FREE on the CareerinPM platform. You can advertise unlimited number of jobs at no charge and we would also promote your jobs on our social media networks. There are several benefits for registered employers on our platform.

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