How to Land Your Dream Job or Internship in Project Management in Nigeria


Do you know that you can quickly land your dream job or internship in project management if you implement a good job search strategy and have a unique and visible profile? Sounds weird? Let me share an amazing and proven step-by-step method you can use and you will need to put some effort on your part if you want it to work for you.

Most often, a lot of job seekers do not believe in creating and implementing a good job search strategy. They leave their job search to luck and hope! It never occurs to them that if they create and execute good job search strategies, they would have a higher their chances of landing their dream jobs or internships.

I am not saying that the only way to landing a good job or internship in project management is by having a good job search strategy, but if you want to quickly attract amazing opportunities and land your dream job or internship fast, it would be wise to create and implement a good job search strategy. And here are some job search steps that can help you achieve that:

First, think about the job or internship you wish to have in the world of project management, and try to get as clear as you can about what you really want. Take into account your qualifications, your current skills, your personality, your location and whether you would really like to have such a work. Even if currently, there are no available jobs or internships in the field, industry or sector you are seeking, your mind power can create a new one for you.

Second, during your free moments, visualise yourself working at that dream job or internship. Make the picture as realistic as possible, with colours, sounds and feelings. Visualise yourself working in harmony with your project team, and see yourself loving what you are doing. Visualise yourself getting well paid for the job. And visualise as clearly you can.

Third, write down your dream jobs or internships and visions clearly. You are the only one who knows your dream type of jobs or internships and your visions in the world of project management. So, for employers and recruiters to get to know what you’re thinking and your visions for your career in project management, you need to write it down clearly and share it with them on the CareerinPM platform. And to help you write down those things clearly, CareerinPM has added the following questions to your personal profile. All you need do is answer those questions and the information would be available to any and every employer or recruiter who’s interested in you. Here are the questions and you can decide not to answer any:

  • Which Fields, Industries or Sectors Interest You The Most Based on Your Career in Project Management?
  • What Kind of Jobs or Internships in Project Management Would You Really Like To Do?
  • What Type of Project Manager Do You Want To Be In The Next 3 Years?
  • Which New Skills Do You Think You Need To Learn or Develop That Would Help You In Your Career Plan in Project Management?
  • Which Degrees Or Certifications Do You Intend To Pursue That You Think Would Boost Your Career In Project Management?
  • What Was Your Greatest Project Achievement?
  • Can You Tell Us, In Depth, About A Project That Failed And How So?
  • Do You Have Any Experience Of Recovering A Failed Or Troubled Project?

Fourth, add a video resume of yourself. If you have created an interesting video about yourself, your qualifications, your skills set, or your achievements, and you have published the video on a video sharing platform, you can add the link to your personal profile so employers and recruiters can check it out and get to know more about you. A lot of employers and recruiters are now loving video resumes.

Fifth, network and promote your personal profile page on social media. Do not underestimate the power of networking in landing your dream job or internship in project management. Connect with employers and recruiters online and at various events, add your CareerinPM’s personal profile link to your digital CV and social media networks so hiring managers can click on it and get to know more about you on the CareerinPM platform.

If you want to quickly attract offers and land your dream job or internship in project management in Nigeria, I would advice you to seriously follow the steps mentioned above and answer some of the newly questions on your personal profile page. And if you know some persons who’re searching for project management-related jobs or project management-oriented roles in Nigeria, you can share this article with them and also inform them to create their own personal profiles on the CareerinPM platform.

Click here to quickly learn how to create your own candidate account on our platform. And, are there other questions you think we should add that would boost a candidate’s personal profile on our platform?

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