• CareerinPM is a project management recruitment and career development platform. The platform connects employers and recruiters with the most experienced and raw project management talents in Nigeria.
  • No, we are a niche job board. Some general job boards offer distribution to various types of candidates and often leave recruiters and employers with hundreds of unqualified applicants. We are 100% focused on building a database of project management talents and we do this through a combination of targeted advertising, brand strategy, pipeline generation and partnerships.
  • If you are job candidate, CareerinPM gives you direct access to registered employers and job listings on our platform. We also offer these unique tools to help you in your career journey:

    • Career Advice – To help you plan, kick-start or advance your career in project management
    • Online Courses – To upgrade your knowledge and skills; 
    • Free CV Review – To improve the quality of your CV; 
    • Career Mentoring – To match you with the right mentor(s) based on your career goals and experience.
    If you are a hiring manager, we offer lower cost-to-hire and higher quality-of-hire services.

  • We are currently building a leading database for project management talents so that there would always be qualified candidates with project management knowledge and skills for any of your job listings. We are also offer company branded pages which you can use to attract the most qualified candidates to your organisation.
  • If you need our professional recruitment service, then you would need to get in touch with us. We would communicate with you to understand your hiring needs. Then we would create a confidential job description, do the sourcing and screening, and send the most qualified candidates to you. All you need do is interviewing and hiring. 
  • For job candidates, create your profile in seconds, upload your CV and start applying jobs you are interested in. For more details, see the How-to section for job candidates. 

    For hiring managers, create a company profile in seconds, upload your company logo, and start advertising your standard jobs for free. For more details, see the How-to section for employers and recruiters.

  • There are numerous benefits for job candidates who choose to join and search for project management-related jobs or project management-oriented roles on the CareerinPM platform. Click here to find out the amazing benefits.
  • There are numerous benefits for employers or recruiters who choose to advertise their jobs and search for project management talents on the CareerinPM platform. Click here to find out the amazing benefits.
  • We are constantly building partnerships and working with a variety of companies, startups, project management professionals, academic institutions, and investors. Click here to partner us.
  • No, CareerinPM is free for job candidates. However, you would have to pay a fee if you request for any of our paid writing services.
  • You can advertise unlimited number of standard jobs for FREE on our platform. However, if you want your job ads to stand out from the rest, that is if you want your job ads to be "Featured", you would have to purchase any of our featured job packages. Click here for more details.
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  • Once you have selected a job opening to apply for, click on the "Apply Job" button. You have the option to put forward a personalised message to the employer or recruiter, while you apply for the job opening. Once you have clicked on "Apply Now", you will receive a confirmation about your application. You can track the status of your application from your dashboard.