• CareerinPM is a project management recruitment and career development platform that helps hiring managers attract, engage and hire the right project management talents in Nigeria. We make easy and possible for them by attracting raw and experienced project management talents to our platform. We also connect with people who have great ideas and want to kick-start their entrepreneurial careers in project management in Nigeria.
  • No, we are a niche or specialist job board. Some general job boards offer distribution to various types of candidates and often leave recruiters and employers with hundreds of unqualified applicants. CareerinPM is a niche platform that's 100% focused on project management. We help employers and recruiters attract the right project management talents to their organisations. We do this through a combination of targeted advertising, brand strategy, pipeline generation, and partnerships.
    • We are a niche and innovative platform. We offer lower cost-to-hire, higher quality-of-hire, and are 100% focused on project management.We do not only help job candidates who are seeking for project management-related jobs or project management-oriented roles in Nigeria, we also help people who want to create valuable solutions for some of the challenges we are experiencing in the world of project management.
  • We are the leading go-to platform for hiring managers who are searching for job candidates with project management knowledge and skills in Nigeria. We offer hiring managers company branded pages which they can design and use to attract the right project management talents to their organisations. We are also building strong partnerships with institutions that train and offer professional certificates in project management so as to offer hiring managers continuous talent pipeline.
  • If you need our professional recruitment service, then you would need to get in touch with our recruitment team. We would communicate with you to understand your hiring needs. Then we would do the sourcing and screening, and send the selected candidates to you. All you need do is interviewing and hiring. 
  • To get started, you need to first create an employer or candidate account on our platform. Click on any of the links to learn how to get started.