Employers Can Now Advertise Their Jobs For FREE and Hire the Best Project Management Talents in Nigeria


Are you struggling to attract the best project management talents to your organisation? Or are you find it hard to search for project management-related jobs in Nigeria?

We have good news for you…

CareerinPM’s project management recruitment and career development platform is now in beta. The platform aims to connect employers and recruiters with the best project management talents (both raw and experienced) in Nigeria.

A lot of companies and startups are seeking for job candidates with project management knowledge and skills. This is due to the fact that an increasing number of organisations now understand the real value of project management and are benefiting a lot from good project management practices.

However, due to the unstructured nature of the labour market in Nigeria, a lot of hiring managers are struggling to search for or attract the best project management talents to their organisations. Job candidates who are also searching for project management-related jobs in the country are finding it hard to connect with the right employers or companies. CareerinPM wants to help solve these challenges by making it easy for hiring managers to get connected with the most qualified candidates for project management-oriented roles in the country.

CareerinPM wants to be the leading and most reliable go-to platform for project management talents and for project management-related jobs in Nigeria. And that’s why our simple, easy-to-use and innovative platform is FREE to use for both job candidates and employers. The ‘free and unlimited job posting’ offer would enable startups and SMEs to post their job requirements, receive and manage applications, search our talents database, invite applicants for interviews, and hire the most qualified candidates. Foreign organisations that are searching for project management talents in the country can also post their job requirements on the platform.

The CareerinPM platform is very ideal for job candidates who are searching for project management-related jobs or project management-oriented roles in Nigeria. The platform has been designed for help them search and connect with the right employers. They can also leverage on valuable features on the platform such as free CV review, career mentoring, CV writing service, and video resume promotion.

Since the platform is now in beta, CareerinPM wants to give employers the chance to find the best project management talents to fill in project management-oriented roles in their organisations. It also aims to offer job candidates an interesting job search experience by matching their skills and experience with the right job offers.

Finally, CareerinPM aims to go beyond Nigeria and gather the best project management talents in Africa under one platform. It wants to become the leading and most resourceful marketplace for project management-related jobs in Africa. Take advantage of some of our free services NOW!

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