Discover Your X Factor Using Our 'Career Fit' Technique

Our academic system produces hundreds if not thousands of project management graduates each year, most of whom have no career or project management experience to show. How will employers or recruiters know who has the right skills for a project management-related job or a project management-oriented role? This is a serious challenge for most employers and recruiters in the country.

A solution is on the way…

Through series of research and asking of questions over the years, we have realised that the predominant questions most young and aspiring project managers ask are: ‘What am I going to do with my life after graduating with a degree in project management?’, ‘Which industries or sectors would be right for my career in project management?’, ‘ Which certifications do I need or how do I become certified?’ and ‘What skills do I need to survive as a young graduate?’ This insights is one of the reasons why CareerinPM is more than a recruitment platform. It’s also a career discovery and development platform for people who are interest in project management.

So, we are working on key feature called the “Career Fit” technique. It would be an algorithm, a ‘gamified’ technique that would be able to quantify a candidate’s qualifications, skills set and interests and match them to appropriate job listings on the platform and vice versa. Each candidate’s ‘Career Fit’ result would be available to registered employers and recruiters on our platform. The algorithm will also account for hiring trends in project management as it will adapt to the job market’s changing expectations in Nigeria.

At CareerinPM, we also believe that every young and aspiring project manager has some form of interesting and specific skills and value – an X factor – that can be valuable to any organisation. What they need is a technique that would not only help them discover their ‘X factors’ but also show them how they can properly blend it with their project management knowledge and skills.

We want to help job candidates find out what they’re really interested in, what they’re passionate about, and what they’re actually good at. We would then analyse the data critically to help them and help us discover their X factors. The data would help a lot of employers and recruiters to get to know more about potential candidates on our platform.

Coming soon!