Get Professional Career Advice. Achieve Great Success in Your Career in Project Management.


Are you confused about your career in project management? Or do you want to change career into project management? 

CareerinPM’s career consulting service is an excellent place to do a proper career check-up and gain direction and advice on your career in project management. Our dedicated team of project management career consultants have real life experiences in project management and can you professional advice on how to plan, kick-start or advance your career in project management in the country. They are also current in the things happening in the world of project management.

If you are highly experienced in project management and would like to become one of our career consultants, click here to fill our online form. If you would like to book an appointment with one of our career consultants, continue reading below.


Step 1

Create a candidate account on the CareerinPM platform. Click here to register if you haven’t created your own candidate account.

Step 2

Login and complete your personal profile, build your digital resume, write your cover letter and upload your current CV. This will enable us to get to know more about you and your professional background.

Step 3

Fill in the form below to request for a career consultation service. We would get in touch with you to confirm your request, discuss your career needs, quote you our consulting fee and schedule an appointment date and time. You can request for a virtual (conducted via Skype, Google Hangout, WhatsApp or Messenger) or face-to-face (at the consultant’s office or any safe and convenient location) appointment. Once your payment is confirmed, we would then match you with the right project management career consultant based on the information provided, your career goals, academic qualifications, industry or sector of operation, and experience level. Please note that we do NOT refund after payment. 

Step 4

You would receive an email about the selected project management career consultant, contact details and other necessary information. If you would prefer another career consultant, please do let us know within 48 hours of receiving the email. Our system would automatically remind you and the chosen career consultant within a day, some hours and some minutes to the scheduled appointment. If you wish to reschedule your appointment, please inform us on time.

Step 5

There would be a follow up based on some of the things that would be discussed during the session.

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Our value proposition include, but not limited, to:

  • Personalized career counselling, consulting and mentoring services
  • Comprehensive skill assessments to understand your strengths and weakness
  • Analysing the right match for you based on your interests and career goals
  • Helping you match your skills to the right industries or sectors
  • Full fledged guidance to help you grab your dream job which include CV review and interview preparation tips


The virtual appointment is ideal for clients who would prefer virtual consultations. it would be conducted via Skype, Google Hangout, WhatsApp, or Messenger. It also cost less than the face-to-face appointment.

The face-to-face appointment is ideal for clients who are within Nigeria and who need more time to discuss things, professionally. If you are within Nigeria, you could visit the office of our career consultant based on the scheduled date and time or we could arrange for a safe and convenient location – saving you time in your working day.

Whichever appointment you book comes with a follow-up action on some of the things that would discussed during the session.