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Are you passionate about writing?

Do you want to share your knowledge and experiences on project management, leadership, HRM or personnel management with the world?

If you answered YES to the questions above, we need you to join our team of contributors.

CareerinPM is now accepting contributors, writers or editors for its platform. We are gradually building a team of people who are passionate about writing, sharing valuable ideas, and helping others develop through their knowledge and experiences.

It’s a volunteering role and we are more interested in persons who would share original articles of their knowledge, real life stories, experiences, failures and success based on the following topics:

  • Project management
  • Change management
  • Career coaching, development and management
  • CV and cover letter writing tips
  • Interview preparation tips
  • Hiring and recruitment strategy
  • Job search strategy
  • Entrepreneurship in Project Management
  • Career mentoring

Our editors reserve the right to remove self-promotional content and links, as well as make significant edits to content and headlines.

All accepted contributors must agree to provide original content, with exclusive rights granted to CareerinPM for a period of TWO years. 

If accepted as a contributor, you will receive writer guidelines and instructions, as well as a formal writer agreement to execute before any content is published on our platform.

If you would to love write and publish insightful contents on the CareerinPM platform, if you have a deep belief that your voice matters to the job candidates, employers and other users of our platform, and if you would like to share your voice with the world, you are welcome to join* our passionate team of contributors by filling in in the form below.

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P.S. *Selection into the team is at CareerinPM’s sole discretion, and CareerinPM may terminate it at any time (including any offers provided). If selected, you will not be an employee or contractor of CareerinPM, and your participation is subject to our User Agreement.